Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three Months

Yesterday was my birthday! My three month birthday! It was kind of a big deal at my house.

This past week, I did a lot of growing up. I started sleeping in my crib. Mommy and Daddy also stopped swaddling me when I sleep at night - I was getting out of it anyway. My daddy didn't want me to leave his and mommy's room though so we have been having a family sleepover in my room. I sleep in my crib and mommy and daddy sleep on a mattress on my floor. Mommy was ready to move back into her own room and leave me in my big girl crib all on my own until...I started rolling from my back to my tummy! I think it is great fun, but Mommy has not been getting any sleep. She stays up and when I roll onto my tummy, she rolls me back to my back. Then, I roll back on my tummy. It is a fun game that we play now. Mommy called the doctor to ask what to do about me rolling over so early (I guess I am not supposed to roll from my back to my tummy until I am six months old) and the doctor basically said that she and Daddy have to keep watch and if I roll over, they have to roll me back. So, I guess no more sleep for them!

My gramma and all of my cousins made me a special quilt. Look at me and my special quilt in the picture below. My cousins Maddy, Braedon, Katie, Coleman, and Ellie each made a special square for me and my gramma put it all together. It is beautiful.

Oh, and sometimes I wear bows now.

Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

12 weeks already!

My mommy and daddy can't believe that I am already 12 weeks old! Of course, this week was another super fun one!

I've decided to change my mind...I used to not like my car seat at all, but now it has become my favorite place to take a nap. When my mommy and daddy put me in the car, it is just so hard to stay awake...I get so sleepy...

I still love to talk. Sometimes when we go on short car trips, I stay awake and look in the mirror (that is hanging on the seat) and talk to myself.

Last week Timmy was finally born! Mommy and I went to visit him in the hospital. Boy, do I have a lot to teach him!

I met my daddy for lunch one day as more of his co-workers from another town wanted to meet me. I don't mind meeting these new people because they loved to tell me how cute I am. Of course, I hear about my cuteness all of the time, but it is always fun to hear it again!

I also went to my cousin Coleman's sixth birthday party. It was an Olympic themed party and I got to participate in the duck race!

My mommy has started discussing my baptism gown with my grandma as she is going to create it. My baptism gown is going to be the baptism gown my daddy wore (my daddy wore a dress!!) and we are going to make a few girly additions and maybe add some things from my mommy's wedding gown and the baptism dress that my mommy and all of my aunts wore.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 11...

More fun this week...

We had lunch a few times with Mommy's friends...one day with Nicole and one day with Marina. We are STILL waiting for that Timmy to arrive - we expect him this coming week so I am ready to welcome him!

On Thursday we went swimming again. It was fun, as usual, and a lot of little kids tried to talk to me. Swimming takes a lot of energy though so I slept 9 hours that night!

On Friday I went to my gramma and grampa's house because my cousins Maddy and Katie were there. Because I had slept so well the night before, I didn't take any naps while I was there so I didn't miss any of the fun!

I had to go to Children's Hospital to have an ultrasound on my hips. Apparently, babies who are breech are at risk of having something that makes their hips pop out of the joint. They make being breech sound like a strange thing, but it makes sense to me. Why would I want to be upside down in my mommy's tummy for months?!? I was so patient waiting my turn and was even happy when they prepared for the ultrasound because I got to be naked! However, once they started the ultrasound, they wanted my legs to go certain places and I was supposed to be still and stuff. Well, I let them know that at my house, I am in charge and I am not used to being told what to do! Luckily, my hips are just fine so I am done with that test!

I love to smile and giggle, but I make it difficult for my mommy and daddy to catch it on camera! I am also starting to talk a lot more...and I mean a lot!! My daddy is worried because he already has my mommy talking a lot and now I talk all of the time, too!

My old site is still up if you want to check out the older pictures: http://www.babysites.com/sites/camryntaylor

I also have some new videos up on You Tube under Camryn Wilkie-Dickman!

10 Weeks

I'm still having so much fun! I celebrated our nation's birthday most of the week by wearing red, white and blue.

I had my two month checkup appointment at the doctor this week. Well, for those of you who are older than two months and have already had this appointment, you know it's a big one! I got five shots! I have to admit that I cried when I got the shots, but not for too long. Then I just slept a lot the rest of the day, which was very unusual for me, but I needed to rest after all of those shots! I also got one oral vaccine. I have only been drinking milk so far and I have to say that I think that I'll stick to milk for now - I didn't really like the taste of the oral vaccine.

Mommy said I should tell you that I weigh 10 pounds 8 ounces (25 percentile) and am 22 1/4 inches long (50 percentile).

I decided that sometimes I do need to nap now, but I prefer to nap in my mommy's arms. It's so comfortable there.

I went swimming again - this time in my Aunt Kim and Uncle Scott's new pool in their backyard. I had so much fun and my mommy was happy because I was able to stay out of the sun. :)

I went to the Fourth of July fireworks with my mommy and daddy and all of my grandparents. I loved the bright lights! They should have fireworks every day!

I'm getting pretty good at putting my hand in my mouth now. It's so fun to suck on it, but it does make me drool.

Daddy's back to work this week so I'll miss him, but he will be off for another week pretty soon so we'll have more fun!

9 Weeks :)

After taking a break from rolling over, I started to roll over again some, just to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes.

I still love to blow bubbles and have also started grabbing and holding onto my toys and hitting toys that dangle in front of me. Of course, I also still love having my diaper changed - naked time!

I went swimming for the first time, which I loved! You probably know that my mommy is obsessed with sunscreen. Well, because I am too young for sunscreen, she made me wear an SPF 50 hat, SPF 20 long sleeve swim shirt, and swim bottoms (pink, with ruffles on the bottom, o f course!). I drew the line at the sunglasses.

Daddy is taking this next week off so we'll get to spend tons of time together. Every week in a baby's life is so much fun - who knew?!?

Week Eight

Another eventful week! Mommy and Daddy's friend Meg from college came to visit me. We pretty much just hung out, but we did take my first trip to the Riverwalk. It was hard for me to go too many places because it is still at least 100 degrees every day.

I have started to follow my hand with my eyes. I try to bring my hand to my mouth, but I keep missing and bopping myself in the nose or forehead, but I'm working on it!

Mommy and Daddy's eighth wedding anniversary was this past week and even I got a gift! Daddy bought me a new toy - a little pink teddy that rattles.

I've decided that I don't need naps anymore...I mean, really, naps are for babies! Mommy really disagrees though...

Sunday was Father's Day and we celebrated with all of my grandparents, all of my aunts and uncles, and all of my cousins. I gave my daddy a really beautiful gift...something with a picture of me on it!

Week Seven

This week I had babysitters a few times. Since my babysitters were all of my grandparents, we had a lot of fun! We did my usual - eat, sleep, and play! I have quite the life! :)

I really like to suck on my hand. The trouble is, I can't always catch it! That hand waves itself around a lot, but when it happens to go by my mouth, I really like to suck on it.

One thing that I don't enjoy so much right now is my car seat. It's pretty boring in there and I like to look around and see what's going on. My mommy says I need to be in the car seat for my safety, so they keep putting me in it. My mommy bought me a toy that hangs on the seat and plays music. It's interesting for a while, but I need more than that to entertain me.

Talk to you next week!

Six Weeks!!

Wow - I've been here six weeks already! I had an exciting week - I rolled over from my tummy to my back for the first time this week. I liked it so much that I did it five times that first day. If you haven't done it before, you should - it's really fun!!

I also went to my cousin Coleman's graduation from kindergarten. It was a very special day and Coleman looked very handsome in his sports coat.

I also went on my first run with my daddy. We went three miles through Landa Park on my first run.

I can't wait to see what's in store for me next week!

My Fifth Week of Life!

Week 5 was really fun. I started smiling for my mommy and daddy. I think that they really like it. I have lots of fun with my favority toy, which is a super soft green elephant. He's fun to play with. You've probably seen him in some of my pictures on my website. This week, Mommy and I met Daddy and his work friends for lunch one day.

Mommy and I cheered for Daddy in a race at Landa Park. It was fun - I was good at cheering. I think that I was the youngest "cheerer" there. The race was pretty early so Mommy let me wear my jammies to the race :)

We had a cookout over the weekend with our friends. Well, really Mommy and Daddy's friends. They said that my friend Timmy was there, but he was really in one of their friends tummy, so he wasn't much fun yet. Sorry, Timmy. We look forward to meeting you!

One Month!

Mommy and I survived Daddy's first week back at work. I guess Mommy does know how to change my diaper! Daddy also had to go out of town and we did ok. My Gramma Wilkie stayed with us to help out. We had fun together!

This week we did more new fun things. Daddy gave me my first bottle, which I really liked. We also went to Town Lake and walked on the Hike and Bike Trail. I guess my Mommy and Daddy really like to do that. Austin is a pretty fun town.

We went to lunch with Mommy's friends Sandra and Marina. They were very nice and thought that I was cute. We had another play date, this time with Marshall Haverlah.

My Mommy and Daddy keep saying that time is going by so quickly. I guess that makes them sad and it makes them take tons of pictures!

Week 3!

I had another great week! My umbilical cord fell off earlier this week. I didn't see what the big deal was, but Mommy and Daddy were pretty happy about it. After that I could have my first real bath. Mommy and Daddy thought that I would cry during my first bath, but it was fun getting clean! I didn't cry at all!

I had two more play dates this week - Austin Rudolph came over to play and so did Ava Gonzalez.

Today I took my first trip to Landa Park. We went for a walk and we also rode the train. I heard it was really fun (I slept the whole time).

We also went to church again today. I am pretty popular there - everyone loves to see me. Last week I talked during most of the service so Mommy and Daddy didn't really get to pay attention so this week I decided to give them a break and I slept throughout the service.

Daddy goes back to work tomorrow so Mommy and I am sad about that. Daddy is the one who usually changes my diapers so I hope that someone will take over that duty while he is at work!

A Baby's Day

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with mommy and daddy, all of my grandparents, my Aunt Kim and my cousins Braedon, Coleman and Ellie.

Being a baby is super fun! Yesterday I had my two week checkup. I already weigh 8 pounds and half of an ounce. I am growing a lot because I love to eat (just like my mommy!).

We ran into my new friend, Austin Rudolph, at the pediatrician's office. He is very cute and only about two weeks older than I am.

Today we went to visit Dr. Arredondo - the doctor who started it all. I got to put my footprint on the wall. I am probably famous now :)

We have been going on walks at night as a family. We have to wait until the evening because it is so hot during the day. My dad was so excited for me to ride in the stroller. Apparently he has been pushing the stroller around with a stuffed animal in it in order to practice for my arrival!!

It's A Girl!

My mommy and daddy were so surprised that I was a girl. I love to do the unexpected and this is just the beginning!

I have so many friends that have been visiting and giving me pink stuff. I love all of my friends. I'm pretty sure that pink is my favorite color.

Because my being a girl was a surprise to my mommy and daddy, my room is currently under transformation. My mommy and daddy had put blue stuff on the walls so I let them know that had to go! It's ok though because I am sleeping in their room right now. We like to hang out together so I don't want to be too far away.

My daddy has been taking pictures and videos of me non-stop since I was born. Check me out on YouTube under Camryn Wilkie-Dickman.

I keep my mommy and daddy pretty busy, but they will try to add to my website when they can.