Sunday, November 21, 2010

My first trip to the Windy City

This past week, I went to Chicago for the first time. Daddy went up last weekend and Mommy and I met him there mid-week. It was the first time that Mommy and I flew on our own and we did great!! I was a perfect passenger. I slept for a little bit at first and then colored, played with my doodle art and stickers, and read.

I was not a fan of wearing a hat and mittens. This is one of the few minutes when I actually wore my mittens.

We went to the Disney store and I played tea party.

I checked out the flowers along Michigan Avenue...

...had Jamba Juice for a snack (it started out as Mommy's, but it was so yummy, I made her share). See how protective I am of it in this picture.

Daddy and I posed by the skyline!

Daddy let me dip my food - I learned that double and triple dipping (and more!) is yummy and fun!

This is how I like to ride!

I liked looking out the hotel window before bedtime - right by the Chicago Theater.

We met Mommy's college roommate and went to the Shedd Aquarium with her husband and their two daughters. Larkin is 3 and a half and has my same birthday!! So cool! Allison is about two months older than I am. We had fun looking at all of the fish. This is a picture of Allison pointing out a big fish headed our way!
We hope that Katie, Doug, Larkin and Allison come to visit us soon. They could even come today - it's 80 here and we could play outside all day!! No hats or mittens needed! Come visit!
I also found a monkey at the aquarium. I was so excited because monkeys are currently my favorite animals!

I had a lot of fun playing on the benches at the aquarium.

If there was a museum of just benches, I bet it would be a pretty fun place!

Us, posing on a bench, of course!

I got to touch a starfish!

We took the subway ("L") back to the airport.

Whew - we made it through security. This was a long ordeal with crazy lines!

I carried my purse and pulled my suitcase throughout the airport. I paused to look at the Blues Brothers just hanging out in the airport.

I made it to my seat and relaxed for a bit before it was time to board the plane.

Then, I buckled myself in and was off to San Antonio again!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Me-sized table

This is me on Veteran's Day. I wore red, white, and blue because we had a Veteran's Day parade at school. Grandpa came to watch me!

I like to do everything like Mommy and Daddy. I even try to put on Mommy's computer backpack.

I got a kid-sized table!! I love to sit at my table and play.

Me, playing with play-doh at my new kid table!

I went to my cousins' house since it was my cousin, Braedon's, birthday this past weekend. He is 10 years old now - wow! I got to play with my cousin, Ellie. She has the best toys! We played with her dress up shoes (see my feet!) and with her grocery cart. We are going to Disney World together next month and she is going to teach me all about the princesses!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful for Me and cooler weather..

It's November - finally some cool weather. I was able to wear long sleeves and tights! Mommy got me this shirt and thinks it is so true.

On Saturday morning, Daddy and I wrapped up in a blanket and read a story.
Saturday, I went to my friend, Kaitlyn's, first birthday party. I got to kick the ball with my friend, Marshall. He is three and he played so nicely with me, even though Mommy could tell he wanted to be kicking the ball harder!
Then, I did one of my favorite things - bubbles!

Sunday after church, we went out to breakfast.

Then, we went to Lowe's and I got to ride in the race car cart - this is almost a weekly occurrence. Daddy loves Lowe's and I love the race car cart so it works well.

I did a lot of art this weekend. This is me coloring and playing with play doh. I chose to wear my art smock, but do all of my art on the floor.

I wrapped up the weekend with more bubbles!
P.S. I had my 18 month appointment this week and I weigh 21.5 pounds (10%) and am 31.3 cm tall (36%).