Monday, August 24, 2009

17 Weeks Old

The big event this week was my baptism!! Above is a picture of me and Mommy and Daddy and a picture of me with my Pastor, my Mommy and Daddy and my godparents. (I was really into looking down instead of at the camera that day.) My godparents are my Aunt Jodi, Aunt Kim, my daddy's Aunt Kathy (my great aunt!) and my daddy's best friend from since he was about 14 years old, Andy.
It was a great day and I was very well behaved. After the service, everyone came back to my house for lunch. It was so great! I am so glad that everyone could be there to share my special day.
I had so much fun at my baptism party that I didn't really break for naps. That night, I didn't want to go to sleep. Mommy and Daddy said I was "overtired", but really, I didn't want to stop partying!! Today, I am taking really long naps to make up for it...

We went to the RiverWalk with my Great Aunt Kathy and Andy since they were visiting from out of state. This is a picture of me and Daddy on the river boat ride. It was my first boat ride!

These are a few pictures of me playing around. I have started to like my Bumbo chair.

This week we had a playdate with my mommy's friend and her baby, Timmy. This was my first playdate with a baby younger than I am. I showed him how I roll all around.
My mommy also bought my Halloween need to check your calendars, it is still August. I guess she is just a little excited about my first Halloween!
This is the last week that Mommy and I will be together all day every day. We are very sad about this, but I am told that I will really like school and all of the new friends that I will meet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

16 Weeks Old

This was a laid back week. My grandma is working on my baptism gown for my baptism, which is next week. I had to have a few "modeling" sessions to see how it fits. I love to wear my special gown. As soon as my mommy put it on me, I rolled around in it and put it in my mouth, as I do with everything that comes near me!

Daddys like to play around and my daddy was trying to teach me how to use the remote. I am really not interested, but I humored him anyway.

I still LOVE my swing!! This is my new "having fun" face. I like to make this face because it's silly. My mommy and daddy make this face back at me and then I do it back to them again.

I went to lunch with my friend, Austin Rudolph, and his mommy this week. I also met my daddy for lunch one day. I went to the library for the first time and Mommy picked out some great books - we've already read them several times. We need to go back and get some more!! We also went to Town Lake for a run on the weekend. I slept the whole time and let Mommy and Daddy do all of the running.

I like to play in my Gymini and I found the cutest baby in the mirror there - I just love to look at her and she looks right back at me!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

15 Weeks

My daddy was home this week so we had tons of fun together. He is building a deck in the backyard and I am helping. This is how it daddy works outside in the hot sun all day and then when it is nice and cool in the evening, I go out and look at his work. He is doing a great job - the deck is beautiful! The best part is a swing that he put up for me - it's so much fun - I just giggle the whole time! See my picture in the swing on the left.

We went to visit my school so that I could meet the teachers. I was on my best behavior - I was all smiles.

Road Trip!! We went on my first road trip this week to celebrate my mommy's birthday. We went to Houston and stayed downtown and saw an Astros game. I did a really good job cheering so the Astros won!! I will admit that I took a one hour nap during the game, but the team didn't mind. I was so good the entire trip - I think that I'll be invited on lots more vacations!

This is me getting excited for our trip!

This is me and Mommy swimming in Houston!

This is me watching the Astros!

This is Daddy and me having fun!

After my road trip, I needed a nap!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

14 Weeks Old

Mommy took me to get my three month picture taken at the studio. I don't really like that studio, so I was super happy and then as soon as Mommy took me into the actual photo room, I started to cry. Then, Mommy would take me out of the photo room and I was happy. Then she would take me back in and I would cry. This went on for a while. Finally, Mommy was trying so hard that I gave her one smile and the photographer got the picture. Mommy said - "That's it - we'll take it!" and we were done with that place. From what I overheard Mommy saying, we're going somewhere else for my four month photos - I win!! :)

Everytime someone puts me down on my back, I pretty much automatically roll over. I make you work hard if you want to keep me on my back to play with me. With all of this extra exercise that I'm getting now, I've added a midnight feeding to my schedule. I know Mommy likes this extra time that we spend together in the middle of the night.

Since I am a big girl now, I've also decided that I should start sleeping in. I like to sleep until about 9am. Mommy and Daddy like it now, but I've heard them say that once Mommy goes back to work I will have to wake up at like 6:30am!! I think that we need to talk about that!
Even though I'm a big girl and I love my cloth diapers, I still love to have my diaper off!

Last week I also had a play date. My friend had cool toys and since he is five months old, he can do super cool stuff like sit up on his own!

I also went to my cousins', Maddy and Katie, end of camp performance at T Bar M. Afterwards, my cousins took me on a tour of the camp. I am now able to ride in my Baby Bjorn facing outwards so that's how I was on the tour. It was so comfy that I just fell asleep!!

Ah, the life of a baby!!