Saturday, August 21, 2010

Go Bucks!

My grandpa was in Ohio for the last two weeks and he brought me new Buckeye shirts!! Yay - just in time for football season. The Buckeyes are my absolute favorite team!

We went to a goodbye party for Mommy and Daddy's friend, Jessi. She is moving to London for two years!! I will miss her. Here are a few pictures from her party - it was at a lakehouse so Daddy and I went out in the tube off the dock.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Sleepover

This weekend was Mommy's birthday. So, Daddy took Mommy to Austin for Saturday night and Sunday and I had my first sleepover at Grandma's! I was such a good girl - we had lots of fun together. Grandma and I made a cake for Mommy's birthday.

This is me goofing around before school one morning this week. I am supposed to eat my breakfast at school, but when I see Mommy making my breakfast, I just want to eat it right away!

This is Daddy and me lounging around Saturday morning.

This is me eating lunch on Saturday - enjoying my quesadilla.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still rear facing...

Well, I had my 15 month appointment and I still don't weigh 20 pounds. So, although Mommy and Daddy have my convertible car seats all ready, I am still in my infant seat. Wow! I know that I will be big enough by my 18 month appointment...better go have a snack to work on it!

This weekend, Daddy slept in and Mommy and I made pancakes. If you know my mommy, this was quite a feat! They were delicious - this is a picture of me enjoying my yummy pancakes.

Then we went to the Farmer's Market and Mommy and I shared a mango smoothie...more yumminess! See - I am trying to gain weight!

In the afternoon, I read to Mommy and Daddy for a bit. They are pretty good listeners.
(a side note - Mommy needs to work on getting my ponytails even!)

Then, I went for a cruise in my car.

Overall, another great weekend!