Sunday, June 12, 2011

First lollipop and story time at the library

I ate my first lollipop and it was yummy! Mommy let me try another one a few days later though and I didn't like it. I think that I only like red ones!

Mimi and Papa took me to story time at the New Braunfels library. We listened to a story and then did a craft. I also checked out some books that Mommy and I read at home.


We went to watch my cousin Ellie's dance recital. She was such an amazing dancer!! I watched everything she did and afterwards, I tried to do it myself. I was dressed for the part, too! I can't wait until I can take dance class. But until then, I will just learn from my big cousin, Ellie!

Just Like Daddy

This is me in a sweatshirt that was my daddy's when he was little. It says: "Eric the Great"

I know that Daddy's name is Eric. Sometimes I call him, "Daddy-Eric" so I have it covered and he'll respond to me. Don't I look cute in his sweatshirt?

This is me playing with my new water and sand table on the deck - so much fun!